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Biofuel production project Featured

Biofuel production project (Green Fuel Project)

The main idea of the program is the advancement the Sudanese countryside through the creation of a comprehensive technological development.

Creating an economic development and raise in standards of living for rural residents by introducing the bio-fuel technology and increasing the rural incomes; following the latest best and viable means of production that have a high economic and social value. This project included a number of studies and seminars, papers, scientific research and laboratory tests and field surveys.

The production of biofuels from alternative energy plant Jatropha oil; which considered a renewable resource that is easily obtained. One of the project’s subsection is the cultivation of Jatropha and Moringa trees; which has shown high economic feasibility, provides job opportunities for poor families and graduates, made rural areas attractive, and contributes to the national program: combat of desertification, drought, and poverty.

The project subdivided into:-

  1. Bio-diesel production, through Jatropha oil processing.
  2. Surfactants production, through Jatropha oil processing.
  3. Ethanol production, utilization of Sweet corn.
  4. Bio-jet production, through Jatropha oil processing.

This project was included in a number of studies; which are:

  • Al-shohada (Alauteb) Agricultural Project, in River Nile State.
  • Integrated Rural Development Program
  • Productive families’ projects; mixed cultivation (1 acre / 3 acres/ 5 acres)
  • National Project to combat poverty
  • Green canal Project in Gezira State
  • Cultivate one acre of tree Moringa (business development body of Khartoum state)
  • Bara's Project (for the production of Moringa and Gatrova)


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