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Solar energy projects Featured

Integrated development system using solar energy

The solar energy contribution will Increase to reach 25% of the global electrical balance by the year 2050 (about 1.5terawatt).

The work on solar energy has begun in Sudan since the seventies of the last century as one of the Global Excellence applications. There are many success stories on the development of the countryside and rural areas using solar energy.
The position of Sudan lies in areas of preference which gives it a huge advantage in the use of solar energy as a renewable source to achieve sustainable development.

Main goals:

• Export.
• Prosperity.
• Stability.
• Security
• Food security.
• create and expand job opportunities.
• The provision of goods throughout the year.
• raising productivity.
• improve quality.
• The establishment of pilot projects for integrated development using solar energy.

General objectives:

1. Make the most out of renewable energy sources.
2. Achieve stability, security and peace.
3. Providing food security.
4. Provide job opportunities for the people of the region and recovery of the local economy
5. Achieve prosperity and services in the region.
6. Make the most out of natural resources and seasonal agriculture.
7. Provide local goods of high-quality; especially in times of scarcity to supply the domestic market in the time of need.
8. Increase production capacity with the followers and represent the latest means of sustainable development and the transfer of solar technology.
9. Exploitation of sustainable energy in the region.
10. Environmental awareness to reduce emissions of gases especially carbon dioxide and the preservation of the ozone layer.
11. Diversify energy sources.

Components of the project:

The program consists of several social and economic development projects that help to advance development in all states of the Sudan, the projects are:

  1. Family farms:
    Family farms an area of 5 acres per farm and the number of farms 100 farms using solar-powered irrigation system
  2. Protected Agriculture Incubator:
    Run 10 protected solar-powered houses (for groups of graduates), for the purposes of studies, improvement, qualitative production and seeds.
  3. Small Business Incubator:
    It includes various crafts that run on simple mechanisms and they will be solar-powered.
  4. Watering herds systems Incubator:
    It is divided into, deep wells with solar-powered systems for watering herds, movable systems for small herds (semi-urban and nomads), and mobile systems for large herds.
  5. Urban energy systems:
    They are systems to provide solar energy in urban areas, divided according to the capacity and applications to accommodate small houses, large houses, governmental administration houses, health centres, or street lighting.

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